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कोविड 19 सद्य परिस्थिती-चाचणी आणि उपचार

कोविड 19 साथीच्या आजाराला अनेक वर्षे उलटून गेल्यानंतरही, रोगाचा प्रसार आणि तिची तीव्रता दिवसेंदिवस कमी होत असली तरी अजूनही पूर्णता ध...

Covid 19 Current Scenario – Testing and Treatment

Covid 19 after years into pandemic is still not going away, though the intensity of spread of disease and its severity is decreasing by the day. Even after covid vaccination or previous infection the virus still infects the people so it still poses significant risk to persons with comorbidities and elderly people. Who should get tested f...