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Physician’s Mantras of Healthy living

Physician’s Mantras of Healthy living

  • June 26, 2022

1.Sleep Well !

Natural sleep time decreases with age. During childhood we sleep for upto 12 hours but then we remain energetic for the rest of the time but we see elderly wake up early in the morning, sleeping for just 5-6 hours, that is sufficient for them given the intensity of their daily routine. So getting adequate sleep is the first step to healthy living!

Sleep Well NRS Hospital

2.Balanced Diet

Our body is mostly water, fats and proteins. With adequate variety in daily diet to include combinations of carbohydrates (sweets, chapati, rice etc), fats (oil, cheese), proteins (Lentils / dals, panneer) and micro-nutrients / vitamins (milk or 1 egg, vegetables) is called the ‘Balanced Diet’.

Balanced Diet Nrs Hospital

3.Maintain Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is weight in kg divided by height in metres squared. For Indians the value should be between 20 to 24.

Body Mass Index NRS Hospital

4.Do exercise, don’t do exertion

There is a difference between healthy exercise and over exercise or exertion! Sports are enjoyable exercise.

Exercise NRS Hospital

5.Calm yourself

To relax physically and mentally do recreational activities once in a while.

Calm NRS Hospital

6.Spare 1 hour for yourself

Your 1 hour in the morning or evening can make good rest of the hours of the day. 30 mins of brisk walking, 10-15 mins of stretching/ Yogasanas, 10 -15 mins of Pranayam and 5-10 mins of Meditation.

Yoga NRS Hospital

7.Stay Blissful & Satisfied

Controlling external factors to stay happy won’t always materialise, but actively trying to stay blissful is something we can very well do.

Blissful NRS Hospital

8.Take expert advice

A General Physician (MBBS MD Medicine) is someone who understands physiology of the human body, also the diseases, their progression and treatment, so they are best placed to take expert advice about healthy living in general and Health Check-ups in particular.

Expert Advice NRS Hospital

By Dr Narayan Survase (MBBS MD Medicine)

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