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Covid 19 Current Scenario – Testing and Treatment

Covid 19 Current Scenario – Testing and Treatment

  • June 26, 2022

Covid 19 after years into pandemic is still not going away, though the intensity of spread of disease and its severity is decreasing by the day. Even after covid vaccination or previous infection the virus still infects the people so it still poses significant risk to persons with comorbidities and elderly people.

Who should get tested for covid 19?

The initial symptoms of common cold or viral fever and covid 19 are similar i.e fever, myalgia, bodyache etc or just fever can be there. So when community transmission is increasing, every patient with these symptoms should get tested for covid 19 with either Rapid Antigen Test or RT-PCR.

Do you need Covid19 testing if you were infected previously or Vaccinated?

Yes! Because, the immunity for Covid19 fades with time just like immunity for common cold or influenza fades with time and every year you get cold or you need Influenza shots every year.

Rapid Antigen Test or RT-PCR, which is better for Covid-19 testing?

Both tests are quite specific(99%), meaning if any of the tests comes positive then you definitely have the infection. But both tests have low sensitivity(around 70%), meaning if any of the tests comes negative, you still have a 30% chance that you have the Covid19 but tests failed to detect it. It’s just that RT-PCR is an age-old and time tested technique to detect various viruses and bacteria etc. so go for RT-PCR.

Why RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests fail to detect so many cases (around 30%)?

There are multiple reasons why these tests have false negative rate of around 30%, meaning person is infected with Covid19 but still tests are negative::

1.Time of testing: if the test is done during the first week of symptoms development then it is more likely to detect the infection than if done after that with best time being around the 3rd or 4th day of symptoms. During the second week or later Chest HRCT scan is recommended as the diagnostic modality of choice for diagnosis of Covid 19. This is because during the second week viral load in the body starts to decrease.

2.Technique of sample collection: A good sample gives the best results. Good Naso-pharyngeal swab taken by an experienced technician is more likely to yield positive results. But then again sample inadequacy is often the reason for false negative results.

3. Sample storage, transport to lab or sample processing inadequacies could also become the reason for false negative results.

If my results for Covid 19 are positive, do I need to get admitted?

It depends on guidelines issued by central, state or local health authorities. And also depends on your age, comorbidities or severity of disease. Enquire to nearest hospital or NRS Hospital, Wakad, Pune or call to 7303961962 (toll free).

What exactly is the treatment for Covid 19?

Since the pandemic began different drugs have been tried and most of them are found to be not useful. Only drug that has helped the most is Steroids in moderate to severe cases but that is an in-hospital treatment and not to be tried at home without Physician (MBBS MD Medicine) Consultation. Rest of the treatment is symptomatic with a few multivitamins (just to ensure you don’t have deficiency of any), good hydration, and rest.

The Myth of immunity boosters!

If you are taking adequate and balanced food with adequate rest and you don’t have comorbidities such as diabetes, and you don’t have any other major health issues then you are already having good immunity which will not be increased by so-called ‘Immunity Boosters’.

When and if should I get vaccinated?

According to guidelines of health authorities, you should get vaccinated.
90 days after recovery from Covid 19.

Controlled diabetes , blood pressure or stable patients with major health issues should also get vaccinated because vaccination may cause mild bodyache and fever in few cases but Covid 19 in an unvaccinated person with major health issues is usually severe and needs hospitalisation.

For authentic information about Covid 19 contact nearest hospital or NRS Hospital, Wakad, Pune or call 7303961962 (toll free). and don’t fall prey to misinformation.

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